Accredited Dental Practice
We are very proud that South West Orthodontics is an Accredited Dental Practice.

SWO became a fully accredited practice in 2013. This means that our practice has been independently assessed by QIP1 against a rigorous set of industry standards, the NSQHS2 Standard developed by the Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Health Care.

Winning the WA State Telstra Small Business Award in 2004 confirmed the quality of our business systems, and achieving accreditation demonstrates that we have not only maintained our commitment to excellence but we have continued to progress.

Maintaining Accreditation requires us to systematically examine, review, and set in place improvement plans in all areas including Safety, Infection Control, Governance, Patient Care, and Staff Development. As a result we have introduced many changes as we strive for current best practice, clinical excellence, and to raise the standard of care we provide even further.

A key component of Accreditation is that we continue and repeat this process. We are therefore dedicated to continually monitoring and re-evaluating our performance to facilitate improvement.

At South West Orthodontics, we will continue to strive to provide the best quality of care for all of our patients all of the time.

1 Quality Innovation Performance;
2 National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard