Your First Visit What to Expect

Your First Visit What to Expect

We look forward to meeting you on your first visit to our practice.  We will help you get acquainted with our practice, and you will meet some of our friendly staff.

Upon arriving, you will be greeted by our receptionists who will make you feel welcome. Then you will have a discussion with the orthodontist, so that you can tell them what it is about your teeth that you would like to change or improve – if anything. They will ask you some questions (not difficult ones!!), look carefully at your teeth, make notes, and maybe take x-rays.

The orthodontist will then discuss possible treatment options. Each patient’s orthodontic treatment is different, so we set aside enough time so that you can ask any questions you may have; we promise to give you the personal attention you deserve. If necessary, the orthodontist will also arrange referrals for you to see any other dentists so that you receive a comprehensive plan for your orthodontic and dental care.

If and when you do require orthodontic treatment, we will provide a written summary of the treatment plan, goals and fees.

You can expect to receive answers to the following questions at your first visit:

  • Are there any orthodontic issues, and if so, what are they?
  • What are the options for correcting these issues?
  • How long will the treatment take to complete?
  • When should we start treatment?
  • How much will the treatment cost?

Open Communication

We encourage questions from both patients and parents so we provide ample time for discussion. We know that good orthodontic care begins with open communication. We promise to speak candidly with you about your diagnosis and treatment recommendations, treatment alternatives, and any symptoms you may have that require further treatment.

Working together, we can achieve a true partnership with one common goal – helping to give you a beautiful, confident smile!