Infection Control and Prevention

Infection Control and Prevention

What is cross-infection, and what do we do about it…?

The passing of infection between people is known as cross-infection. The risk of cross-infection in health-care facilities can be reduced, but this risk can never be completely eliminated.

At South West Orthodontics we take enormous pride in our standard of cross-infection control. We have evidence-based protocols in place to minimise the risk of cross-infection in each area of the practice, and we regularly review and update our protocols to protect you and our team members.

During your visits you will notice:

  • frequent hand hygiene in the clinical areas;
  • the use of gloves, protective clothing and eye protection in the clinical areas;
  • barrier techniques such as disposable plastic covers on dental light handles.

You probably won’t see what goes on behind the scenes, for instance:

  • we use disposable rather than re-usable items wherever possible;
  • all re-usable items are scrubbed, ultrasonically cleaned, and sterilised after every use;
  • our sterilisers are tested daily;
  • we track certain items so we know exactly which instruments were used on each patient;
  • we follow the Australian Dental Association guidelines on staff immunisation;
  • we do regular training in cross-infection control.

As you can see, at South West Orthodontics we work hard to keep you and ourselves safe.